Canopy work

Dewoitine canopyThis is the one way of painting glass transparent canopy on the color profiles. Start point is one very light color, could be in range of blue grays, green grays but also pale cream. What is very important is to check out all of the available images of the actual airplane, best are those images captured in the operational state and in the open. Images of airplanes taken in the close area like museums and hangars are also very good but much care have to be pay to the fact that artificial light could make some light flash different then in the real life.

Close look at the image would show you how the light is dispersed over canopy and it shape and intensity. This info will be used in creating of the layer above the layer with basic glass and this layer will be used for glass flash of light. Of course you can make this in one layer. Main tool for the spray of this light is airbrush and it is set on the very small covering, not over the 10% for dark colors and 25% for light colors.

First stroke are going all over the upper area of the cockpit and there is dark blue color used and brush is set to have larger diameter. In practical work I start with larger diameter and darker color and finish with smaller brush diameter and light color. So in first couple of strokes will be made dark shade all over the upper area and after that similar strokes have to be made at the bottom of the cockpit. For all of this just few strokes are need and after that light stroke have to be made. This light stroke is color close to white or white and it goes over the mid section of the cockpit with passing over the dark strokes. Finally you can add stroke in some different color just as some variation of reflection. But reflections are other story.

This is just general guide and some practice is important for the good results.

Srecko Bradic

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  1. Dear Srecko, please could you forward details of how to contact you with reference to work done in the latest hunter book from SAM publicaions
    Many thanks
    Simon Watson
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