Firefly art delivered

Yesterday I have deliver final of number of the color profiles I have made for the new book project- Firefly. This machine was fighter designed during the WW2 and it was first fighter to fly over the Tokyo. Principally it is operated from the deck and it was deployed to the several foreigner air forces.

Firefly profiles

Firefly profiles

My great pleasure is that I have met again in the team work with Paul Bradley and Mark Gauntlet, the same people from the Hawker Hunter book project. Paul is great researcher and writer and Mark is also researcher and excellent drawings author. All work goes smooth, as usual we put some documentation on pile and share among the members of LetLetLet Warplanes and this assistance was of great help for all of us and especially for me as well some large resolution scans of the archive images was essential for the detail capture on the color profile.

Firefly wartime photo

Firefly wartime photo

Basic layout was done easy and fast but in the very start I was a little bit lazy on this project but do make some large work on other projects. Finally some stronger work was taken some two months before deadline and with the delivery rhythm of one to three profiles daily, whole job is completed in time and some before deadline. The same Firefly topic on our forum have over 5000 views in very short time.

This publication, packed with excellent selection of the archive images, text, model review, historic text, drawings… are expected to be out in summer this year. And I expect to finally met Paul and Mark and take some beer 🙂

See ya in next project

Srecko Bradic

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  1. Cheers, Srecko – a pleasure working with you as always! I’ll buy the first round when we meet up – perhaps Telford one year?

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