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It is good thing that I do not work for some publishers, like the SAM Publications, as well I have more free time and could use it in much more creative way. First result was almost instant as well I have released a set of digital illustrations for some books and seconds I get more time to return to my classic paintings. Back in time, early ’90, classic painting was only way in art and design and digital design was far from wide use. As many others I start with classic paint brush and that was way to make color profiles as well action paintings. To regret I have nothing from that time to display as well all has gone to new owners.

My personal archive give me enough of subjects to do

My personal archive give me enough of subjects to do

One of important change in work method is change of material and I switch from oil paintings to acrylic paintings. In summer last year I have buy my last pack of oil paints and it still stand almost intact as well I have very soon get new set of paints, this time acrylic. Very soon I have find many of benefit of new material and first at all was odor- oil is not so good for me, I am a bit more sensitive to it. Other thing is fast drying of the acrylic and as well I am impatient to see new art finished, this is so good feature for me.

I use various media as base but best at all proven were canvas paper. Easy to use, excellent sense during the painting, easy to maintain and offer more options for final display, this become my primary work material. Most of the art are 30×40 cm but there is also some larger sizes I have released in the moment.

No need to say that in relaxing atmosphere I enjoy more then ever and this is the way I will try to keep for a long time!

Srecko Bradic

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