Down and down

Here you are, one good Serbian joke…

One day, St. Peter decided to visit hell and see how people who sinned were being punished. When he get down there and walked around, he saw many extra large pot’s with people boiling inside each pot. The large pots were for politicians, lawyers and prostitutes and near each pot was a crowd of devils.  Whenever anybody tried to get out of a pot, the devils pushed them back with their tridents. At one point, St. Peter sees one pot boiling but no guards near it.  St. Peter asks “Is this pot empty?”  and the Devil says “No, it is not, there are Serbs inside”.  “So why it is not guarded like all the rest?” asks St. Peter.  “No need for that” says the Devil, “when anybody wants to get out, other Serbs pull him back in on their own”.

Down down down

Down down down

I am sure that you have learned much about the mentality of the people to which I belong to.  Thank God not all are like this but the problem is that the most prominent are like that. There have been many studies which show how the most stupid and incapacitating of people move into higher social positions and as many of these studies are done in the West,  I guess that there are similar problems in other countries too.  But I can talk about my country from experience as I live here and for many ‘prominent’ people, the worst crime is to be successful.  I guess that if you spend any time on this site, and see how many works I have published and only 1/3 I have displayed, simply because I have no time for writing. But this is just a heads up because in any other country, a person with such output would be shown more respect.

The problem is that some people criticize everything, from social situations, quality of living, illustrations, model builds, articles, publications… and the last thing you will find is what they do themselves or how they help others.  They would rather die first before sharing anything valuable that they have produced. Instead, they are “experts” in ignorance, self glorification, double crossing or backstabbing, violations of other individual’s work and property (no matter whether a photographic image, color art or writing).

Maybe you are asking why I am writing all of this?  There is no specific reason, I simply at times sit down, enjoy music and an early morning coffee and think about people.  Why do they need to be like that? Why do they destroy every positive opportunity they have?  It comes to mind the song by the late, great Jim Morrison “People Are Strangers” and I have the impression that Monty Python had my country in mind when they made all of their sarcastic TV episodes.  Personally I am very happy as I have friends and family who love and respect me (no need to say again that when somebody pays for your product or service which is the best proof of the quality of your work) and things are going well for me… I just feel a bit of sadness for those losers…

Skyhawk art

Skyhawk art

Last month was very busy, during the month of March I delivered over forty color profiles and have had my work published in three books and a magazine.  April was very good too and in for the month of May, I am expecting to see my work in two books to be printed along with great news I am waiting on from France (and will inform you about soon!!!).

Do you know about the importance of your signature? Well, it gives a close personal and professional touch recipients of your e-mail or to those who see you on forums. And this is important as well for all of you who are socially active.  Just a week ago, I received an e-mail from a model manufacturer asking me, in regard to what is stated in my signature, to help them with their project. And I will do that, with a level of quality which nobody here can do….

Srecko Bradic

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