CJ Ehrengardt passed away yesterday evening… this is simply message I get today from our mutual friend. And not much can be said. Moment when words lose their value. One great man is not with us anymore, excellent person, outstanding magazine leader.

CJ Ehrengardt

CJ Ehrengardt

I know Chris for a more then a decade. We met on French aviation forum and there was interesting to chat with him. Very soon communication become private and I was impressed with fact how open was Chris, talk about any aspect of aviation and magazine publishing. To my greatest surprise, he also send me samples of publication, no matter I did not do anything. Later, I become illustrator in his magazine Aero Journal. Chris had great experience in publishing, this start since early seventies (if I can remember well). In work with him, I realized his great sense for subjects, organization and coordination. His team work abilities were outstanding, like no one else was able to manage few authors to deliver one compact subject.

Apart from official work, I was also in private communication; we are at least living people, love life. Ready to listen, to give and accept advice, possible to talk of everything.

He build up standard in publishing and magazine Aero Journal is without doubt leading aviation history magazine in the world. And other publications where he participated as well.

Big wound in our souls, he was one and only. God bless you my friend, I am sure your soul is in heaven now, only place for man like you!

Srecko Bradic

4 thoughts on “CJE

  1. I lost far more than a friend, you know it Srecko. I can’t cope with this loss as for the moment. It’s such a devastation

  2. I only just now found this Srecko, he was an excellent correspondent & very honest, I shall never forget him

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