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Profiles extract made for Hunter bookProfiles extract made for Hunter bookLast year we have announced that in the early of 2009 will be published book about the Hawker Hunter. Author of the book Paul Bradley have written one short and nice announcement about this. We get deadline to deliver whole material until the 15. December and we did this some days before and it look like that we are first team to deliver material in time. Delays look normal in the publishing world. Best at all we have delivered much more material then it is expected. So here you are few important info about the book:

MDF 16 Hawker Hunter

Author: Paul Bradley

128 pages – full color throughout
Type history: development, RAF, export, in service, in-action
Walkaround: extensive photographs and diagrams
Colour side-views and three-views by Srecko Bradic
Scale plans and scrap views by Mark Gauntlett
Kits modelled in a variety of scales
Details: specifications, kits, decals, accessories, bibliography

Price : £19.99 +p&p
ISBN : 978-1-9551858-9-2

SAM Publications © 2009

My piece of cake was to deliver color profiles for the book. Idea was to cover whole major version, whole possible camouflage pattern and if possible as much as possible operators. From the very start I have make good deal with Paul that this project will not worth if we do not arrange as much as possible good and hi resolution scans of original images. Must say that we have lucky there as well we both have much in our collections but it would not be possible without engaging of much of our resources and connection to get much more. In this way I get valuable help from couple of friends and few aviation forums. Most interesting images was taken via best and strongest Serbian forum and crew on the military section of forum, but also to mention very good American forum WIX were my search was very good accepted and either on forum or in private message correspondence I have also get valuable material and info. Not only good material as base for profiles are found out but also number of images for the print. Some material also come from my own forum.

No matter that whole illustrating work is made in several weeks, it was not easy at all. First at all I was not much familiar with type so I have made several technical mistakes on profiles. Simply to say I try to use some valuable drawings already published but fact was that all of them have many errors. So in action was put Mark Gauntlet. He is owner of one Hunter nose section and had made some measurements of the actual plane. In regard to the blueprints he had made most perfect technical drawings and make possible to concentrate on the same art work.

That was not that easy as well some camouflage pattern was not good covered in documents. In this way I would give highlights to the two color profiles and they are sample machine operated by Singapore and British plane used over Suez. Singapore machine was always presented as two tone topside camouflage and actually it have three colors on topside and more look like the standard US scheme used in Vietnam. Another machine is the British machine used over Suez and it did not have black stripes and we have also place desert sand stripes instead of yellow as well some memory state that this camouflage color is used over.

In total my color profiles cover 15 pages in publication and there is included many side views as well top and bottom view. I have very good reflection in private contacts and impressions about these profiles are great. Hope that this will continue in this way.

See you all in next project…

Srecko Bradic

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  2. Dear Sir,
    I about teach a surface finish training course in Oman in the Middle East We have been given an old Hunter as a project but i cannot find any surface finish or paint spec drawing for this aircraft. I wish to complete the project using the original drawings to teach the need to use the correct specifications particulaly where the servicing markings are to be applied. Can you help? Many thanks
    Pete Rawlinson

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