Machtrainer is out

After many delays and changes, book about the Fokker S-14 Machtrainer is out!!! All story started when my very good friend Nico Braas from Netherland said that there could be interest to make article about this airplane for our web site LetLetLet Warplanes. I agree that this could be interesting and most challenging was the fact that this is the first jet trainer in the world. Jet trainers before are actually converted fighter and this one is first purposely made machine.

Extract of Machtrainer color profile

Extract of Machtrainer color profile

As well I am not familiar at all with this machine I have received very good material, necessary  to make technical drawings and later color profiles. No matter that material provided by Nico was excellent, I need more for precise work. This was the reason why Nico were visited some of the preserved machines several times, to take set of the close up images and to take measures of the actual airplane. All of this, joined with the copy of the blueprints and the manuals, resulted in the very good drawings as well precise color profiles.

Article is published on our web site but that was not end of the story… Dutch publisher show interest in the book and this resulted in much deep research done by Nico. From my side I did not do anything more but I have pleasure to to many images editing as well some was worn out and they need sharpening for the desired level of quality need for the printed publication.

What other to said but this was real pleasure to work with Nico Braas and specially and I am glad that I was in team who bring to the world a story about one very interesting airplane.

See ya in next project 😛

Srecko Bradic

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