Profile in 2.5 hours?

Replic is well known magazine from France, where could be excellent model builds accompanied with great archive materials. It is my great pleasure that I have published few of my model builds there and in January 2010 issue is published my model build of CMR resin model of the Bolton Paul P.111 British test jet plane, in 1/72 scale. This model build is published with the selected archive images, which give more light on the same project. So why is this article so important for me?

Bolton Paul P.111

Bolton Paul P.111

Reason is very simple- inside is also published one color profile of this machine and this profile is made from blank canvas to the final art in just 2.5 hours!!! Everybody who have any experience and info about the same method of the color profile work, know that for the basic development of the profile, illustrator need at least few days. This time I have even go beyond the limit as well my previously record was 1.5 days for the profile of the MiG-19, also from blank canvas! Maybe this could be interesting to note that I still use standard mouse for my work, still I have no digital tablet…. but one day..

Srecko Bradic

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