Hard core way to be illustrator

How to to survive orders? Well, there is the story… I have start in relaxed atmosphere work on the technical drawings of the Alpha Jet and the set of the color profiles of the Junkers Ju 52. No hurry as well almost two weeks of time is more then enough to complete this order. As always I have very nice support from my friends from Netherlands, France and Australia in complete technical and historical documentation for this machine.

Spitfire color profile

Spitfire color profile

And then it come…. email where my British publisher ask me to deliver technical drawings for four different machines and time for this- ten days!!! Well, that was definitely time for panic! Only good things is that I have all available data but in other hands some of the technical manuals are almost thousand of pages and this is impossible to read it and arrange all data. So my only solution was focus on the specific subject, no extended landing gears, no cockpit details, no extract cutaway’s, no nuts and bolts, and in some cases no bottom view and front view. But even with all of this limitations there was plenty of work on the drawings and just to mention that there is still first batch of order of Ju 52 and the Alpha Jet and this material was in middle of the work!

Too much? Real game coming when my boss from French order profiles and four different airplanes…

Yes, I am still alive, all of this material delivered in time, it is also printed in this moment and I need some rest. What is the best way to rest a little? To take another project! Now I work on the color art for the Spitfire book and preparing for the heavy winter…. three books to be printed in the early 2010, and two more to come till the spring 2010.

Srecko Bradic

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