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Сад верујем да су разне Русаџије одма рипиле кад прочитале наслов ал боље мирујте, да […]

Авијација и Времја


Ова је година прошла што гоћ може, по народски- изеђено!! И коначно да се сетим […]



CJ Ehrengardt passed away yesterday evening… this is simply message I get today from our […]

CJ Ehrengardt

New horizon

From 2015 I have started preparation to withdrawn myself from aviation publications. Reason is so […]


From time to time, on various web sites as well magazines are started harsh conversations […]

If I could be good comrade, I guess this would be me poster?

AJ 50

Aero Journal is the magazine where I have been engaged with illustration almost from its […]

AJ 50