Hard core way to be illustrator

How to to survive orders? Well, there is the story… I have start in relaxed […]

Machtrainer is out

After many delays and changes, book about the Fokker S-14 Machtrainer is out!!! All story […]

New Hawker Hunter book

Profiles extract made for Hunter bookLast year we have announced that in the early of […]

Best month

From the illustrator’s view this is one of the strongest month releases I ever had. […]

Canopy work

This is the one way of painting glass transparent canopy on the color profiles. Start […]


I would like to summarize last few weeks of the 2008 and present what I […]

Martin B-57

One of the great features of the October issue of the SAM magazine was article […]

Fokker Dr.I in Replic magazine

With some delay I would like to inform you all about my first modeling article […]

Hunter book

This will be the latest in the SAM Publications’ Modellers’ Datafile series. The book will […]